Monday, November 30, 2015

The Things of Thanksgiving

Aside from filling my gullet with 3 turkey dinners, 2 turkey sandwiches, and turkey soup over the course of the 4 day weekend, it was still eventful.

 First and foremost time spent with family, enjoying great food and a lot of laughs made the day what it's supposed to be.

My 2014 Gobbler Fly appeared, unprovoked, on social media. A special thanks to Orvis. Their re-post of it now stands at 3,132 likes and 1,630 shares.

Black Friday literally happened when the power went out from 9pm to 12:15am.

A 3.7 earthquake centered about 15 miles away shook things up and rumbled through at 12:16am.

I cut our non traditional Christmas tree from the woods out back and set it up.

Homemade ice cream.


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