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The Things of Thanksgiving

Aside from filling my gullet with 3 turkey dinners, 2 turkey sandwiches, and turkey soup over the course of the 4 day weekend, it was still eventful.

 First and foremost time spent with family, enjoying great food and a lot of laughs made the day what it's supposed to be.

My 2014 Gobbler Fly appeared, unprovoked, on social media. A special thanks to Orvis. Their re-post of it now stands at 3,132 likes and 1,630 shares.

Black Friday literally happened when the power went out from 9pm to 12:15am.

A 3.7 earthquake centered about 15 miles away shook things up and rumbled through at 12:16am.

I cut our non traditional Christmas tree from the woods out back and set it up.

Homemade ice cream.


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Porketry in Motion

Artwork by Art

Ode to a Pig

A love song, by Erin Kilmer
With special guest artist, Uncle Arty

Oh pig, the odor from thy farm
Doth lack in any type of charm.
But we forgive thy stench, oh beast,
When thou art served as heav’nly feast.

Thy hams make Christmas full of cheer,
And when thy sausages come near
Our mouths would fill with songs, ’tis true,
Were they not filled with bits of you.

Thy chops! Thy chops! With applesauce
Attest, oh pig, thou art the boss,
And were thy roasts no longer here
‘Twould be a darker, sadder, year.

And now, oh pig, the grand climax:
That luscious cause of heart attacks!
That greasy joy, that salty meat!
That tasty, wondrous, fatty treat!

Thy bacon, Pig! That glorious fare
That brings us hope in the despair
Brought us by skinless chicken breast
And salad greens with lemon zest—

Thy bacon, Pig! ‘Tis gluten free!
No nuts encroach, nor yet dairy!
‘Tis good with eggs, with toasted bread,
Oh Pig, for worthy cause thou’rt dead!

I love thee, Pig! I take this vow
To ever love as I love now;
For though you’ll nevermore awaken,
Your sacrifice hath brought me bacon.

Erin Kilmer is my niece. Genius obviously runs in the family.
Her blog can be found at Together for Good


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Birthday Brown

I always try to fish on my birthday, and I usually fare quite well.
 I'd like to say it's skill, but in reality, I think it's more the time of year.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Raquette River Dolphins

  Each summer, the Raquette River Dolphins return for their annual spawn. The 1200 mile journey from the coast of Nova Scotia to the waters of the Raquette River doesn't prove too arduous for these amazing creatures, as they can frequently be seen tail walking in the deeper channels.
  Hundreds migrate to the last 5 mile section of the river before the Brookfield Dam in Raymondville  NY, and remain there until they move to the rocky shallows to spawn around the first week in October. After spawning they immediately return back to the Atlantic.
 Their fry mature quickly, and soon before the surface of the river freezes over for the winter, they follow the same path back down the Raquette, into the St Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean.

A rare picture of a post spawn Raquette River Dolphin, before returning to the Atlantic:



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Chum for Thought

 A staple of my surfing habits, Moldy Chum, got a makeover the other day. Slick, unintuitive, and oozing of corporate websiteness.
 The vibe is gone. The irreverence is gone, or at least now well hidden among the clicks it may take to find them.
 The inherent "we just found this and are tossing it out to ya" feel is gone.

 Obviously, the longer you're on a site, the more chances you have of banging into an ad.
The old Chums average visit length probably wasn't too long, which advertisers don't exactly crave.
So the quick "check in to see what's posted" is pretty much toast. For me that was the attraction.

 I do commend them on the their new "Keepemwet Slab of the Month".  For no reason other than the "hold 'em high and close to the camera, to  ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶m̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶b̶i̶g̶g̶e̶r̶  show more detail" shot will also be toast.  ("Just shut up, Steve" was the common comeback whenever I commented.)

The test of the new format will be to see if they can keep me, I hope they can.
I'll continue to check in, because banging the link is such an established part of my routine.

Which reminds me...I've got to change their link code ...the old one 404's...
Until then ...It does look pretty.

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Fully Staffed

The last time I pulled my 10 year old Simms wading staff apart to holster it, it snapped. The steel cable had rusted and broken. I had repaired a similar problem with it about 3 years ago, and back then noticed the cable was rusting. At that time I called Simms to see if it could be repaired, they politely said "No, would you like to order a new one?"
 Knowing a new one at Simms retailed for 129.99, I replied, "No thanks, I think I can fix it. By the way, why don't you build them with a stainless steel cable?" To which he replied, "The newer ones have a stainless cable."
 A new wading staff now retails for 149.99 at Simms. I still don't have one.
 My old one now has a stainless cable, all for about $8.00 worth of parts at the hardware store, and an hour of my time on a rainy morning.


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All was not quiet on the Raquette today.

The fifth, of six, water releases by Brookfield Renewable Power on the Stone Valley section of the Raquette River in Colton NY occured today. The releases bring expert kayakers from all over the Eastern US and Canada to this section of the river.

The last scheduled release is on Monday, September 5.