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Big Water

 24 x 36 canvas on the easel and I'm just getting my feet wet.
h/t to the folks at LOOP  who let me use a still from their video "CHOMP" for reference.


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Back To the Net

This one has taken months to land.
I've called it 'done', varnished it, framed it, hung it, and not liking it...undid it all and went back to it.
I've been working on it off and on lately with oils.  
 This morning at 4:00 am I woke up with what it needed to, I think, finish it off. 
The ones below are in process pics, from the beginning (bottom to top) 



Sunday, November 22, 2020

A Journey

From the black and white to color...
shelved for a couple days of drying time before heavier "fatter" paint gets laid down.



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Along the River

This one spawned from a quick snapshot I took along the Saranac River.
It was plain and unassuming in color,
 but turning it black & white really made it dramatic.
Much left to do,  but a good first days start.
24 x 32!!!


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Barn Dance

And now for something completely different...

I've had doing a black and white in my mind for awhile, and I've had this photo
of this really great barn...and I've been studying alot of Charlie Hunters work.
So I figured it was time to throw it all together and see what transpired...
so far so good.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

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"Wilder Farm Barns" 
For the "Outside Art Affair" 
Downtown Artists Center, Malone NY 
Plein Aire 11 x 14 oil on panel


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Painting Outside

Painting outside, but not painting what's outside,
but painting something from outside, just not my outside...
h/t to Kathy Corey for the reference photo
Love the Hornbeck.

Work In Process...


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