Thursday, May 25, 2023

Unintentional Double Dip

or how I managed to put in work in two simultaneous exhibitions...


I submitted "Rockbrook Barn" to the NOAPS Spring International On-Line Exhibition through Juried Art  Services in early April. After submitting (and after the deadline) I realized the image I uploaded didn't meet their criteria (size and ppi), because of an unknown thing Photoshop does when you "export as" . There were serious warnings on the submission page about having the image correct or it would be tossed, so I assumed I wouldn't make the cut. I chalked it to learning something new about PS, that it was a long shot anyway and said to myself "I just threw that money away" and promptly forgot all about it

So I entered "Rockbrook Barn" into the Fredric Remington Members Juried Art Exhibit a couple weeks later. It was accepted into the show and won third place! Thank you all at the Remington.

Last night about 2am I remembered about the NOAPS show so I logged in to view it. As I scrolled down through the works..."Rockbrook Barn" was there. I woke my wife up when I said rather loudly "holy s$%t!" and explained the whole thing to her to which she replied "That's great" and then rolled over and promptly went back to sleep.


So...two shows, one work. I'm still not sure how I made it into NOAPS. But I'm thrilled about being a part of both exhibitions.


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From Thin Air

A little piece I started, straight out of my head.
With a little help from some paper towel scrub marks on a freshly painted black canvas.
A few hours in...



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