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Second Pass on the Grass

I remember in my early years the hopeless challenge of painting grass.
I've come to enjoy the challenge in my later years.
Painting it the way it "feels".
 Grass you want to walk barefoot in, grass you want to lay down and roll around in..
I'm starting to get it.


Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Grass is Always Grayer

Back to the barns.
 I was feeling not so good about this until I worked in the shrubbery. 
It looked tight and stiff, but it is wood after all.
Now I'm getting the good  opposing "structure and nature" feeling that I was looking for.
The canvas is filled.


Not So Sure

 The more I do, the less I'm liking this one. 
It seems large canvases provide me the opportunity the get too controlled and tight. 
But, the struggle will continue. 
I see things I can do to loosen it up, and there's a lot of blank canvas that will change hopefully things.


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Unintentional Double Dip

or how I managed to put one work in two simultaneous exhibitions...


I submitted "Rockbrook Barn" to the NOAPS Spring International On-Line Exhibition through Juried Art  Services in early April. After submitting (and after the deadline) I realized the image I uploaded didn't meet their criteria (size and ppi). There were serious warnings on the submission page about having the image correct or it would be tossed, so I assumed I wouldn't make the cut. I said to myself "I just threw that money away.., it was a long shot anyway" and promptly forgot all about it

So I entered "Rockbrook Barn" into the Fredric Remington Members Juried Art Exhibit a couple weeks later. It was accepted into the show and won third place! Thank you all at the Remington.

Last night about 2am I remembered about the NOAPS show so I logged in to view it. As I scrolled down through the works..."Rockbrook Barn" was there.


So...two shows, one work. I'm still not sure how I made it into NOAPS. But I'm thrilled about being a part of both exhibitions.


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