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The Most Photographed Barn in the Adirondacks

If you're familiar with the Adirondacks, then at some point you've most likely
either admired in passing, stopped or photographed the "Keene Valley Barn"
 at the junction of Rt 73 and 9N. 
 An unofficial landmark for years, it was deemed structurally
unsound and was unceremoniously,
and without notice, demolished by the state in late December of 2016.

 This new one is from a photo I took in the fall of 2011. I've blocked in the color with a knife but haven't decided if I'll finish it off with that or a brush.
It's in its ugly stage. 


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I started this one about a year ago and at one point I said it was done,
basically, because I was frustrated and hated it.
 I got it out late summer thinking I'd reuse the canvas but decided to look at it for a while more. My hatred was renewed but decided rather than scrap it, I'd try to resurrect it.
So I looked at it some more, decided what I wanted to do and looked at a LOT of whitetail pictures.
This week, for lack of anything better to do, I took to it. I changed the perspective which helped a lot, took some great advice from a Facebook friend regarding the overall monochromatic thing that I was trying to use (but wasn't working), and basically reworked the whole shebang.
There's still stuff to do, it's by far much better, but I'm still not sure I can forgive it enough.
I guess I'll look at it some more...
   YUCK                                                         Not quite so yuck