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Almost A Knife Casualty

The second knife painting ready to come off the easel.
I thought I'd lost this one but woke up one morning at 3 AM with it on my mind.
"Painted in my head" for a couple hours, then got up and finished it off.
That's how it works sometimes...


Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Although the colors here this fall weren't quite as vivid
as they usually are, I brought them back with this one from a photo
I took a few years ago.


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Monday, October 16, 2017

Fly box

One of three custom fly display shadow boxes I created, featuring flies by my Uncle Al, who piqued my interest in fly fishing so many years ago. I wish I would have asked him to teach me, but at the time, being so young, it looked magically impossible...


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Labor Day at the Lake

According to a Facebook post I made, this is from
 a photo I took of Trout Lake a year or two ago on Labor Day.
Summer is over so I figured I better get back to doing what I do.
This one will probably get tweaked a little more before I call it done.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Streamside series

Here's a peek at the first two from my new "Streamside" series, 
just off the easel, in the studio for (some better) light.
At least one more for this series, to begin with...maybe more.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Reggies Blind

One of the great things about doing a show is the people you meet. 
During a recent one, another vendor approached me and struck up a conversation.
"Gooseman" from goosemancalls.com told me the story of his close friend and hunting partner Reggie.
Reggie passed away very unexpectedly one Autumn day. The pain of his passing was still clearly evident as 
Gooseman relayed the story of their friendship and their hunting exploits.
It seemed Reg had acquired a fine piece of swamp land that he hunted regularly. When Reg was
looking to buy that property, he told the then-owner that he would never pay a thousand dollars for a  piece of swamp, so he promptly settled on a price of $999.00.
That piece of swamp turned out to be a magical spot. You could watch the migrating flocks
split into two paths overhead. The coastal and eastern flyways.
They watched brant fly high overhead by the hundreds while an occasional eagle cruised the thermals.
Reg hunted and shot just about every legal form of waterfowl in New York from their blind in that swamp.
He saw ducks, geese, beaver, otter, eagles, crows, deer, grouse, woodcock, rabbit,  muskrat and mink
while they sat there.
After the story, Gooseman pulled up a picture on his phone. 
It was a shot from that duck blind, taken early in the morning...those mornings most people miss unless they're outdoorsmen.
I immediately said "I want to paint that," and we started talking about the specifics.
Gooseman told me how Reggie's widow, Arlene, had a birthday coming up and how he'd love
to present that painting to her. So the commissioned work was agreed on and I set off working on
"Reggies Blind"
The original now resides with Arlene, where she can see it every day and remember 
the magic of Reggies favorite spot and where his spirit lives on.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eagle Underway

If you live in the North Country, you've surely seen this great photo by Donna J Pray
of DJ Prays Photography Plus.
She's most graciously allowed me to use it for my next canvas.
Many thanks, Donna!
The new "easel screen" keeps me from having to twist my neck around 
constantly to see my computer monitor when I need to zoom in for detail.

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Never Stop Learning

I spent 16 hours this week hunkered down in front of my computer watching a live webinar entitled "Capture to Print". It encompassed everything from camera set up, lighting, shooting, monitor calibration, Lightroom & Photoshop editing, printer set up and printing...and that's just hitting the high points. I've been doing all that stuff for years, most of the time only adequately at best.
 I learned so much. It was intensive. It was good. 
 It's all about color management...
 I'd completely given up on ever getting "Fog" to the print stage,
but I'm pretty much there.

Whitetail ...still

I pulled "Whitetail" out of the 
'didn't quite make it' pile, and it's back on the easel.
 It's getting a complete rework, background first.
Disregarding the reference photo for awhile,
 and making it more my vision. Time will tell.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Brown in Hand

The hand looks funky right now, when it gets "wet" it'll be better.
Should wrap it tomorrow. My favorite part...all the drips, drops, splashes and reflections!
...and better light for the photo.


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If you follow Orvis Fly Fishing,
you might have seen a great photo by Sandy Hays
 a few days ago on Facebook.
Thanks to Phil at Orvis for permission to use it as reference.
The next one is underway.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


"Fetch" finally got back to the studio last weekend for a photo shoot.
This one was a tough one to get to the print stage.
Lots of photoshop and test prints to get it as
 close as possible to true a reproduction of the original.

20x20 Acrylic on canvas


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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Photo Shop

Aside from being down with the flu for the better part of a week,
the photo studio got an upgrade and now occupies one end of my downstairs workshop.
I've had a rack of canvases that were waiting, so I finally got at it today.

"Fin" set up for the shot

Today's set of Artists Proofs

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Friday, February 17, 2017


The "work" part of being an artist.
It's not all tossing paint at a canvas.
There are hours of work behind the camera and in
 post production to get a saleable print of that paint on the canvas...

I print small areas until I get it right.

...and then you get to the really hard part, selling it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017