Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lined Up

 Although I have yet to actually fish the new Tenkara Rod, I have taken it out to the backyard for some test casts - with great disappointment.
 With a level line attached, I just couldn't get the rod to load and all my casts dumped in a heap not far from the rod tip. I had suspected that might be the case as there is really no appreciable weight in 15 feet of mono and a dry fly.
 Hmmm, I fired up the You Tube machine and watched some casting technique videos and tried again, but still with no success.
 Was all this Tenkara stuff just a lot of hype?
 Had I been sucked in by the fly fishing media marketing machine?
 Had I needlessly spent down funds from my FEDERAL (Fiscal Expenditures Directly Earmarked Regarding Angling Logistics) RESERVE?
 Did I buy a puddle-cast stick?
 Turns out not.
 After talking with a fellow Tenkara tosser, he suggested I switch out the level line for a furled one.
 Bingo. I think this thing will catch fish.



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