Thursday, January 4, 2018


I started this one about a year ago and at one point I said it was done,
basically, because I was frustrated and hated it.
 I got it out late summer thinking I'd reuse the canvas but decided to look at it for a while more. My hatred was renewed but decided rather than scrap it, I'd try to resurrect it.
So I looked at it some more, decided what I wanted to do and looked at a LOT of whitetail pictures.
This week, for lack of anything better to do, I took to it. I changed the perspective which helped a lot, took some great advice from a Facebook friend regarding the overall monochromatic thing that I was trying to use (but wasn't working), and basically reworked the whole shebang.
There's still stuff to do, it's by far much better, but I'm still not sure I can forgive it enough.
I guess I'll look at it some more...
   YUCK                                                         Not quite so yuck


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