Wednesday, March 5, 2014


  I inventoried my fly boxes, and I guess last season was a good one, as they are still fairly well stocked. The bushes and tree limbs, around where I fish, were a little less decorated with tinsel this past Christmas.
 The new tenkara rod came in the mail yesterday. Anxious to see what that is all about. I've already got a couple spots picked out where I think it will be a useful tool.
 I'd also like to thank Vince Wilcox for reaffirming my occasional passion for chub fishing, a topic which came up during a conversation about the new tenkara rod on social media.
 I get weird looks when I return from those outings and announce the great number of fish I've landed, the largest of  which are usually 4 or 5 inches. But then again, I usually get weird looks whenever I voice my (over)enthusiasm for the sport.
 So...a few more flies to tie, a new rod, 26 days until trout season opener...
...and it snowed another couple inches last night with a predicted temperature of -11 tonight.
Watch out chubs.


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