Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fully Staffed

The last time I pulled my 10 year old Simms wading staff apart to holster it, it snapped. The steel cable had rusted and broken. I had repaired a similar problem with it about 3 years ago, and back then noticed the cable was rusting. At that time I called Simms to see if it could be repaired, they politely said "No, would you like to order a new one?"
 Knowing a new one at Simms retailed for 129.99, I replied, "No thanks, I think I can fix it. By the way, why don't you build them with a stainless steel cable?" To which he replied, "The newer ones have a stainless cable."
 A new wading staff now retails for 149.99 at Simms. I still don't have one.
 My old one now has a stainless cable, all for about $8.00 worth of parts at the hardware store, and an hour of my time on a rainy morning.



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