Friday, October 2, 2015

Raquette River Dolphins

  Each summer, the Raquette River Dolphins return for their annual spawn. The 1200 mile journey from the coast of Nova Scotia to the waters of the Raquette River doesn't prove too arduous for these amazing creatures, as they can frequently be seen tail walking in the deeper channels.
  Hundreds migrate to the last 5 mile section of the river before the Brookfield Dam in Raymondville  NY, and remain there until they move to the rocky shallows to spawn around the first week in October. After spawning they immediately return back to the Atlantic.
 Their fry mature quickly, and soon before the surface of the river freezes over for the winter, they follow the same path back down the Raquette, into the St Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean.

A rare picture of a post spawn Raquette River Dolphin, before returning to the Atlantic:




  1. 14 years (1994-2008) living on the Raquette and we never saw these...perhaps it's a global-warming thing???
    Lance and Tanya

  2. The earliest record of the spawn was recorded in 1872 in an article in the Baxterville Bugle. There was apparently a very heavy run that year, as the number of dolphins interupted river shipping operstions.
    You must have missed the runs during your time here, perhaps you were lounging by the pool.
    Email me!